Kaikeyi 3 wishes

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Kaikeyi 3 wishes

Ramayan actors Sunil Lahri and Dipika Chikhlia, known for playing Lakshman and Sita respectively, have revealed they would want to play exactly the opposite characters if given a chance to pick a role. While Sunil has expressed a desire to play the main antagonist Raavan, Sita said she would like to take up the role of Kaikeyi, Ram's step-mother. During an open media interaction via video chat, Sunil said, "I prefer doing Lakshman, if Lakshman is not an option for me, I will definitely like to do Raavan.

There is a lot of variety for an actor. As an actor, it is exactly opposite playing a negative role. If I have to play a role, I will like to try playing a role where I have a dimension, where I can explore myself as a creative person," she said. However, director Ramanand Sagar's son Prem Sagar pointed out that the audience may not accept her in such a role. Sunil had a different opinion and said, "It depends on actor's quality and belief.

If the actor is very powerful and talented, he can pull this off. Over the years, many of the characters in popular TV shows have become so memorable that just the mention of 'Baa' ,'Parvati' ,'Komolika' ,'Dilruba','Praful','Rosesh' or any other would be enough for you to immediately recall the TV show we are talking about. Claiming that the world will always see her as Sita, Dipika added, "I see myself as a lot more than just that. It's time where I take a leap where work is concerned.

We have given 33 years, each one of us. It's time for us to extend our boundaries. Dipika will now be seen in the titular role in her upcoming film, Sarojini.

It is the biopic of freedom fighter Sarojini Naidu, often referred to as the Nightingale of India for her poetry, written during the freedom struggle. Dipika had recently told Hindustan Times in an interview, "When I am no more, my body of work shouldn't only be Ramayan, it should be much more. The movies I have done in Kannada or in Bengal, all of them have broken records. I should have a good body of work in Hindi cinema apart from Ramayan.

It is important for me to do that, for my own satisfaction that I lived the legacy of Ramayan. Sign on to read the HT ePaper epaper. HT Entertainment Desk. Replay Video. Skip Ad. Ad Dell India. Best deals on electronics, clothing, daily essentials and much more. Ad Amazon. Cyberthreats have evolved.

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Get all-in-one protection for devices. Ad Norton Full Screen. So, let us take a look at some of the most memorable Indian TV show characters. Rosesh Rosesh Sarabhai from "Sarabhai vs Sarabhai" So you stand before me, Rama, seeking my blessings as though nothing ever happened.

kaikeyi 3 wishes

What a cold-hearted scam artist you are! You know this will only add to your deification. Everyone expects me to beg forgiveness of you.

The world and your mother, too. They accuse me of having killed your father and having sent you and your wife to the wilderness, infested with demons and untold horrors. But tell me Rama, did I really do wrong by you? Mythology will not remember me kindly.

Everyone needed a fall guy and that was me. The woman her son refuses to call mother anymore for he held my maternal love accountable for what he thinks I did to you. I had told him once he was my blind spot and he dredged that up to say my name will never be given to any woman for I am the evil creature who used womanly wiles to banish you. You would have loved each other, produced a passel of children, fought a few wars, killed a few demons, and, in time, died and drifted to mythological oblivion.

Everything is predestined.

Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran - Episode 43 - श्रीमद् भागवत महापुराण - Full Episode

You know it as I do. I knew what was expected of me even as a girl. There is a story afloat that a sage granted me a boon of a left hand as strong as a diamond.

kaikeyi 3 wishes

It is, perhaps, inconceivable to men everywhere that I was a natural charioteer and that perseverance had given me endurance and strength. Beyond the Saraswati and the Byas, in the kingdom of Kaikeya where the landscape was an unrelenting brown, I grew up a lone sister among seven brothers. It was they who taught me how to steer chariots and repair broken wheels. It was they who told me that I had a rare talent: horses did my bidding when I whispered to them.

It was they who taught me how to heal. My brothers taught me the importance of taking my fair share of the load, be it in marriage or battle. Your father fell in love with my feistiness. Ancients say behind every successful man is a woman. I was his charioteer and went with him to every battle. And once when the wheel of our chariot broke away, I told the horses what to do, leapt from the chariot and put the wheel back in place.

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Your father was wounded in that battle but I healed him back to health. And so, the two wishes that people will bring up when they talk about me were granted to me.

I knew it came from gratitude rather than love and so I gave it no further thought. Or had Manthara strangle you as a baby? Or, a horse kick you to death when you first started riding? Rama, there are 10, ways to get rid of someone if one wishes to. I waited to see if you would on your own start on your mission.

Story of Kaikeyi in Ramayana

Instead, I saw you grow content with your circumstances, and the steady draining away of purpose. So when Bharata went to visit my father and I saw the preparations for your coronation, I knew it was time to act. Nor would you leave of your own volition.For twelve years Ram and his brothers helped their father to rule Ayodhya. One day, King Dashratha decided that he had become old and did not want to bear the burden of running the kingdom any longer. He felt that it was time that Ram took over the reigns as the crown prince.

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He summoned all his ministers and courtiers and announced that he had decided to put Ram on the throne as the ruler of Ayodhya. Everyone was in agreement because Ram had shown himself to be noble, wise and kind. More importantly, the people of Ayodhya loved him. The king ordered that preparations be made for a grand coronation. Excitement and anticipation filled the air in Ayodhya. The streets were washed and strewn with petals. Houses were decorated with colourful pennants and lamps were lit.

The wandering minstrels sang of Ram's noble exploits and people poured into the city from the four corners of the kingdom to see the coronation of their beloved prince Ram.

But a dark cloud appeared on the horizon in the form of the evil Manthara, Kaikeyi's handmaiden who had been at the queen's side from the time she was an infant. On seeing the festive preparations, Manthara hurried to Kaikeyi's bedchamber to whisper poisonous words into her ear. Manthara told Kaikeyi that once Ram was crowned the ruler of Ayodhya, Kaikeyi would lose her favoured position in court.

She would be in a subordinate position to Kaushalya, Ram's mother who would treat her worse than a slave. She reminded Kaikeyi that it was the Queen Mother that held the power and put the idea in her head that her son Bharat would make as good, if not a better ruler than Ram.

kaikeyi 3 wishes

Kaikeyi was convinced and she decided to take action before it was too late. Now, Kaikeyi had once saved King Dashratha's life on the battlefield.

kaikeyi 3 wishes

As a gesture of appreciation, King Dashratha said that he would grant her two wishes. Kaikeyi had not taken him up on the offer at that time. However, she felt that this was a good opportunity to remind the king of his promise made years ago. She told the king that her two wishes were that her son, Bharat, be crowned king and that Ram be sent into exile for fourteen years.

The king was heartbroken. He begged Kaikeyi to make any other demand but this. He reminded her that the law of the land said that it was the eldest son who should succeed his father.

But Kaikeyi was unbending.

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The king, being a man of his word, had no choice but to comply with her wishes. When Ram heard of the king's decision he did not demur. Ram calmly accepted that it was his lot to leave Ayodhya to live the simple existence of a hermit, not to return for fourteen long years.

Ram was so noble that he did not hesitate to sacrifice his place as king to a younger brother. It was clear that his father's honour was of greater importance to him. Enter Comment. Register Login Register Login. Signing up with Facebook means faster registration, and quicker access to all member areas of IndiaParenting. Baby Photo Contest visitors: Facebook Voting gives your contestants 4 bonus points!

Please Wait Forgot your password?As family servant of Kaikeyi, Manthara lived with her from the time of her birth.

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When she hears that King Dasharatha is planning to make his eldest son, Rama, prince regent rather than Bharata, his child by Kaikeyishe flies into a rage and reports the news to Kaikeyi.

Kaikeyi is initially pleased and hands Manthara a pearl necklace. Manthara reminds Kaikeyi of the two boons Dasharatha had given her when she had once saved his life in a celestial battle. Kaikeyi had kept these boons for later and Manthara declares that this is the right time to ask for them. She advises Kaikeyi to lie in her room wearing soiled clothes and no ornaments. She should weep and cry, pretending anger. When Dasharatha would come to console her, she should immediately ask for the boons.

The first boon would be that Bharata would be made the king. The second boon would be that Rama should be sent into the forest for exile for fourteen years. Manthara reckons that the fourteen-year banishment would be long enough for Bharata to consolidate his position in the Empire and weave his way into people's hearts.

Manthara appears only once in the Ramayana after Rama's banishment. Having been rewarded by Kaikeyi with costly clothing and jewels, she is walking in the palace gardens when Bharata and his half-brother Shatrughna come upon her. Seeing her, Shatrughna flies into a violent rage over Rama's banishment and assaults her murderously. Kaikeyi begs Bharata to save her, telling Shatrughna that it is a sin to kill a woman and that Rama would be furious with them both if he does such a thing.

He relents and the brothers leave, while Kaikeyi attempts to comfort Manthara. In Ramanand Sagar 's highly successful television series RamayanManthara is played by veteran character actress Lalita Pawar.

In this TV series, it is shown that when Rama returns to Ayodhya after exile, he goes to meet Manthara, who has been imprisoned in a dark room. Seeing Rama, Manthara falls into his feet and apologizes for all her sins on which Rama forgives her.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.In ancient Hindu epic Ramayana it has been mentioned that Kaikeyi was one of the three wives of King Dasaratha of Ayodhya. She is also believed to be a brave and skilled warrior. Kaikeyi was the daughter of great Ashwapati. Ashwapati was an ally of Kosala. According to the Hindu mythology once in a war Kaikeyi helped Dasaratha by saving his life. This brave act of Kaikeyi impressed Dasaratha very much and he asked her to wish for any two.

Kaikeyi told him that she will ask when ahe will feel like. Kaikeyi being the youngest of all the three queens of Dasaratha was insecure and wanted to raise her status. Dasaratha decided to make his eldest son Rama the king of Ayodhya and that moment Kaikeyi asked Dasaratha for the three boons he had promised her before.

Her first wish was to make her son Bharata the king of Ayodhya and her second wish was to send Rama to an exile. Dasaratha kept his promised and fulfilled both her wishes, but was deeply hurt due to the separation of his son Rama. Bharata loved his brother very much and was very angry at his mother.

He told her that he will never call her mother again and blamed her for everything. Kaikeyi soon realized the terrible sin she had committed and repented for what she had done. It has been mentioned by Valmiki that Lord Rama told Kaikeyi that he is the avatar of Lord Vishnu and have come to earth to kill evil Ravana. He asked for her help to do something that will make Rama go for exile and kill Ravana. And this is how everything that has been mentioned in Ramayana happened.

All rights reserved. Kaikeyi - Image Source: ramayanainfo. No comments yet. Be the first. Leave a reply name required email will not be shown required website. Kaikeyi Varam: Kaikeyi was the daughter of great Ashwapati.Post a comment. Monday, 13 September Kaikeyi reveals her wishes. Kaikeyi tells dasaratha that his promise was heard by all the gods and he can not go back on his words.

She reminds him that in the past ,during the war between suras asuras she saved his life. Then he gave her two boons. She had not yet used them. Now she wanted make use dof those boons. If Dasaratha failed to fulfil her wishes she would kill herself.

FirstDasaratha hes to conduct the enthronement of Bharatha with the provisions brought to enthrone Rama. Secondly ,immediately Rama should be sent to the forests for fourteen years and he has to lead alife of a sage during that time. In this way there wont be ANY obstacles for Bharatha in ruling the country.

Dasaratha fainted on hearing these words. After sometime, he woke up but could not asssess whether what he had heard was real or hallucination. He was afraid to look at Kaikeyi. He started abusing her with anger. She was abad omen to their family. Dasaratha and Rama never did any harm to her. Rama looks after Kaikeyi very well.

On what pretext should Dasaratha send Rama to the forest? Not knowing that she was a venomous cobra Dasaratha had brought her home. Even birds and animals are loving Rama.

He would not leave him and he would lose his life if cannot see Rama. Posted by Padma at No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.The Ramayana.

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Plot Summary. Prologue 1. Rama's Initiation 2. The Wedding 3. Two Promises Revived 4. Encounters in Exile 5. The Grand Tormentor 6. Vali 7. When the Rains Cease 8. Memento From Rama 9.

3 Wishes Project

Ravana in Council Across the Ocean The Siege of Lanka Rama and Ravana in Battle Interlude The Coronation Epilogue. Evil Storytelling, Teaching, and Morality.

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