Younger sister stronger than older brother

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Younger sister stronger than older brother

Create a poll Younger Stronger Brother Question: I have a friend who has a younger brother that wrestles and lifts weights often and is much stronger than his older brother. I was wondering if anyone else had younger siblings that can overpower them physically?

Do you realize there are four or five other polls on this issue? Anonymous Mar 23 pm i'm 15 and my younger brother is But he paid :c Anonymous Aug 15 pm My younger brother is already stronger than me. I'm 14 and he's 9, and he loves to beat me at wrestling, and can lift more weight than me on my dad's multigym. Alex Dec 04 am I'm 17 years old, 5'6 tall, really thin and weak, no body hair and still looks like a little boy.

My 15 year old brother on the other hand is 6'1" tall, really muscular, has 6-pack abs, huge biceps, and really nice pecs. He started puberty at 9 years old, and he has tons of armpit hair and pubic hair. He's very good-looking, looks like a man, and has all the girls running after him. Even if I'm 17, I'm still a virgin and never had a girlfriend. My brother is only 15 and he's already had sex more that times he told me. I believe that he's had sex many times already, since usually when I get home from school, I see him on the living room couch with a girl and they're both naked and having sex.

One time, I hear loud noises coming from his room so I went to take a look, and I saw my 15 year old brother having sex with 10 girls on his bed. He was f u c k i n g them one by one in different positions. I told my dad about what I saw, so he went to my brother's room to see. He opened the door and saw my brother having sex with the 10 girls, and our dad started laughing and smiling and cheering my brother!!

He was so proud that my brother was completely good-looking and manly and muscular that he gets to have sex with ten girls!!

My dad and I watched him have sex with the girls, and that's when we noticed that my brother's erect penis was about 9 inches long even if he's just 15 years old!! I'm already 17 and my erection is only 4 inches long!! After that day that we saw him having sex with the 10 girls, about 3 months later, 4 of the girls came back to our house and said that my brother got them pregnant.

Our dad asked him if we wore a condom during the orgy and he said he didn't. My brother also said that he ejaculated his sperm inside all 10 girls he had sex with that day, so no wonder some of them got pregnant.

So yeah, my younger brother is stronger, more attractive and dominates me in everything. WimpBigBro Jan 24 am So my brother is still 15 and already has 4 babies on the way. But just recently, I came home from school and went to his room, and I saw that he was having another orgy with 6 new girls!

He would f u c k each girl doggie style making the girl scream in pleasure, the he would ejaculate his creamy white semen into her p u s s y, then push her away and get the next girl and f u c k her too.Introducing SessionGirlProductions by Jennifer!

Younger sister domination. I can remember back when I was 14 years old and first pinned my brothers. Being an only girl with two brothers was a bit difficult to say the least, but when I learned how to pin them, the pendulum swung in my direction.

I was always tall for my age and lanky, with long strong legs. They got that way from horseback riding and running, and they served me well. I had long sandy hair, and although slightly athletic and tomboyish, I still enjoyed dressing up in skirts and dresses most of the time.

My brothers teased me alot, especially my older brother. He teased me mercilessly, tormenting me, preventing me from building any real sense of confidence. My twin brother also teased me, but not to the same extent. We always played sports together, and wrestled a bit, but rarely in anger until we were both 12 or We were really fighting about a game we were playing, and I found myslef on top, straddling him.

He was smaller than me and was having a difficult time trying to dislodge me. I was quite amused at this and slid up higher on his stomach. He started to hit my legs, so I grabbed his hands and wrestled with them. Then something happend: by instinct I pulled up one of my knees and pinned one of his arms, then pinned the other with my other knee.

I sat there amazed, hands on hips, looking down to what I've accomplished. He looked up stunned, pinned by his sister, and her arms were free! He struggled, whipping his legs around, bucking, thrashing his arms, but I stayed put. When he finally tired, I made him say give and got off. But the sheer power and rush of the moment stayed with me, filling me with confidence in my abilities. I pinned him quite frequently for awhile, assuring him it would be our secret. And suprise! No more teasing.

My older brother is 3 years older. At that time he was 17 and a high school sophmore, I was 14 and a freshman. He was about 3 inches taller and bigger, although he wasn't a jock. He strutted aound the house like he owned it, though, and made me feel like crap.

Many times he had me in tears. But the worm would soon turn. It was in the afternoon after school, I was watching TV on the couch,and still wearing my school uniform. Mom was at work and my twin brother was at his friend's house for the night.

Son is smaller than his younger sister - help!

I was on the couch watching TV and by big brother Scott, who is at 17 was 3 years older than me, came in and switched the channel.

He snatched the remote from my hands and turned the channel again. I jumped up and he played a game of keep-away with me, holding the remote aloft while I jumped for it.

I finally gave up; he sat back on the couch and started watching his show.Searching for the Best Dating Website? Join and find your perfect date. If you need your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to come crawling back to you on their knees no matter why you broke up you got to watch this video right away Do you know your hidden name meaning? Click here to find your hidden name meaning.

I have had it for 4 months now.

FOR WHEN your little sister is bigger than you - Lands’ End

I have told my boyfriends who I trusted about it and I have never had a bad reaction, it has affected my new relationships with Smith and people think herpes is really a minor skin irritation herpes has a long term effects on health.

The stigma attached to this virus by ignorant people is ridiculous. Most people have herpes in one form or another. Now I have previously mentioned how my brother from an early age liked to humiliate me with his superior strength.

Well at that time I was in the eighth grade and was an 85 pound 13 year old, standing about 5 foot 1 inch tall and I was wearing a light weight jacket it was about 50 degrees outside. I was standing in this hole which was about 2 feet deep and saw this kid, dressed unusually in only shorts and a muscle shirt, in a relatively cold day riding his bicycle with training wheels still on, approaching.

Standing awkwardly in a hole that I could not easily climb out of, I complied, especially after this unusually large kid had bunched up my coat into his fist and had started to nearly curl my entire weight off the ground. His arm was hard as a rock and thinking back was probably larger than anything I could have flexed later on in college as well! Later that night my brother remembering the incident, flexed his own bicep against mine. Then playing around we arm wrestled and in spite of a nearly 20 pound weight and a foot and one-half height advantage for me over him, he managed to just beat me using his right arm.

I was able to keep him from beating me with the left, as I was somewhat ambidextrous but later he was able to beat me by the time he was 5 years old with either arm. In fact by the time he was six, he could put his significantly stronger right arm against both of my arms and still beat me, when I was nearly 15 years old!

We had throwing contests with a soft ball, which to my scrawny body was more like a shot put in weight. Our first wrestling match occurred when he was about five years old. In a fair match, I quickly discovered that my brother, in spite of being about 20 pounds lighter and 18 inches shorter, had no trouble controlling me into submission. Generally, however I was able to defend myself for I had a secret weapon — my brother was extremely ticklish and would go into spasms of laughter if I merely elbowed him in the ribs, even while he had grabbed both of my wrists with his stronger hand grips.

My supreme embarrassment in wrestling my brother came at a family reunion where one of my uncles who was a P. And noticing this disparity had us compare biceps and leg muscles to each other. He had us first arm wrestle each other I knew what the outcome would be! On a weight machine we discovered that my little brother could curl three times what I could with his legs about pounds vs.

He then had us wrestle each other, after teaching the basics for neither of us really knew what a pin was, much less what an illegal hold was.

younger sister stronger than older brother

This match must have been quite a sight for I was as a 15 year old only weighed about 97 pounds, while standing a relatively tall 5 foot 7 inches tall, while my brother weighed about 80 pounds but was only 3 foot 11 inches tall but in his white briefs was extraordinarily muscular with bulging arm muscles, bulging thighs and even with bulging butt muscles. I weighing so little for my height was downright scrawny in comparison!

I could not flex a muscle approaching much more than half his size even years later in college, compared to him even then. Even his chest seemed to be significantly broader than mine.

My brother, having wrestled me before, knew his superior strength and for a moment, embarrassingly to me, just stood there as I tried to pull his muscular body to the ground. Desperate, I tried to lift him, but being weak I could only just get him off the ground but never was able to make him lose his balance. He then with a gut wrench move, grabbed me by the waist and lifted me and falling backwards, he pulled me down to the mat.

In what was probably an illegal move, my 6 year old brother than flipped over on top of me and wrapped his muscular legs around my waist and at the same time grabbed both of my arms by the wrist with his strong hands. Forcing both of my arms above my head, he then used his very muscular thighs which bulged mountainously against my spindly legs and butt: he stretched me out purposely causing me pain. My brother at that time was a very muscular 12 year old standing 5 foot 6 and weighing pounds.Mike was your average little boy.

At age 3, he was happy and got along well with everybody. All that ended when his little sister, Jessica, was born. He felt what all older siblings have invariably felt — that all the attention started to go towards Jessica.

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He always held a grudge against her for being the favorite child, and was never very nice to her. Jessica was always nice to him though, which only further enraged Mike. Jessica was a precocious child. She started walking and talking well before Mike did.

Whenever they did anything, she would pick it up faster and better than Mike. Jessica beat her big brother on her first game of chess at age 7. She was a star student and had gotten promoted up 2 grades! Even in athletic ability, she was an exceptional gymnast when she was young and was far more agile and flexible than her brother. However, Mike stopped growing pretty early.

Meanwhile, Jessica continued to grow. That would soon change, though. Her height growth was pretty slow, so Mike hardly noticed it. Things stayed the same way for a few years, until Jessica hit puberty at age Jessica grew and grew. To make matters worse, since they went to the same high school and Jessica was only one grade below him, Mike was in some of the same classes as his sister.

He was humiliated every week when he would have to ask his sister for help on his homework and other school related things. Her face, always pretty, became overwhelmingly beautiful.

Mike found it difficult not to stare at her massive breasts which were frequently close to his face. When it came time for the prom, Jessica was getting dressed to go be crowned prom queen. She put on a short red dress that accentuated her powerful, long legs. Mike was sulking in his room, without a date because of his short stature. He was struggling with a calculus problem when Jessica sauntered into his room, her hair falling on one side.

Mike looked over and his jaw dropped. There was a powerful goddess who completely filled the doorway. Each step she took, her presence only grew more dominating. Mike got out of his chair and stood up. Mike had to stand on his tippy-toes, but he managed to zip her up. She turned around and beamed at him. She bent down, her back almost parallel with the floor, and kissed him on the cheek. Mike was in awe.

As Jessica was walking out, he finally asked the question that had been in his mind for several years now. Jessica turned around, not surprised at the question. He was both intimidated and turned on. She was pressed right up against him with his nose in her marvelous breasts. I can feel your cute little boner against my thigh. Go ahead and cum for me.Create a poll Stronger Younger Sibling Question: Does Anyone have a younger sibling of the same sex that is physically stronger than you?

How old are you and how old is your sibling? How has it affected your relationship Created by: holly84 at PM, Thursday, August 06, PDT Comments My little sister she's two years younger than me is a gymnast and she's waay stronger than me.

She's smaller than me, but she's really ripped so she's still much stronger. She's not really mean or anything, but I am really jealous of her body.

Her abs are insane! And when I bring guys around they seem to completely forget about me as soon as they see, though I can't really blame them. I don't think she means anything it though.

Mike and Jessica

I first noticed changes in my younger brother when he and our parents visited me at my beach home some years ago. I was 28 and he was 14 at the time. We were on the beach barefoot in our swimwear when I saw that he was almost as tall as I was. I looked down at the sand to see if we were on level ground and was shocked to see how much bigger his feet were than mine. We were standing with our feet next to each other and mine looked like a girl's foot in comparison to his.

His big toe was almost twice as big as mine! I was so embarrassed that I immediately buried my feet in the sand. I asked him what his shoe size was and he asked me mine. I told him I wore a size 9 and he laughed at me, telling me he was now up to a size 11, and still growing. Through the week I was very aware that my 14 year old brother was indeed growing taller and stronger than me. I kept glancing at his crotch, but I was detered by the baggy pants he was wearing.

Additional guests arrived on Thursday, so my younger brother doubled up with me in my room. I stayed in my bed and he got the floor. He didn't like this, but what could he do? Quite a bit, I soon found out.

Apparently, he was also noticing that he was becoming more and more of a man in comparison to his older brother. He would make comments that he was getting bigger and stronger than me, pointing to his bigger feet and hands and muscles as proof.It appears you have not yet Signed Up with our community.

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younger sister stronger than older brother

Join the conversation! Health Board's Privacy Policy. There was a problem adding your email Try again. All rights reserved. Do not copy or redistribute in any form! Subscribe To Children's Health. My younger daughter bigger than my older son. Hey, I have a year-old son about 5 feet, 90 pounds. My 9-year-old daughter is 9 years old but about 5 feet 5 inches and a half, pounds.

I know that my daughter has matured early through puberty and has developed breasts and pubic hair.

my younger sister is stronger than me and im the older brother.?

My son is very depressed and often people just assume that my son is really "the younger child". Besides that he is very depressed although his friends do not make fun of him I'm pretty sure. A lot of times he will not let his feelings out. Occasionally they will get into physical fights and my daughter is stronger and can hurt my older son, which is even more depressing.

I'm pretty sure my son is starting puberty and I'm hoping a spurt will boost him up. Does anyone else have or know of a problem that I have. It will probably relieve a lot of stress :- Thanks.

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Hello, I've often heard that children do not grow at steady rates, especially boys. I've also seen girls being taller than some boys in middle school, then by high school the same boys are taller than the girls. He'll start growing more later on, so she'll have to watch out when he hits high school. I've also heard that weight lifting can stunt a boy's growth, if he starts it at a too young of an age. How about some martial arts courses to build up confidence?

Hi, I have 3 boys so I can't compare but Anyway, I was 5'6". I towered over all the boys and they called me the jolly green giant. Then I just stopped growing. I am now 46 and still 5'6". When I was about 15 the boys caught up with me in height and they were all taller than me in high school. Tell your son not to worry, he will grow, boys just do it later than girls. That's a pretty bad situation I know that when I was about 7 I was taller than my 10 yr old brother by a few inches and I didn't even reach puberty then.

When I was 11 and he was 14 I had my growth spurt and my first period. I know that he was about 4 feet 11 very small for his age 85 pounds about when I was 5 feet 3 and a half inches. I never had a fight with him or played him in a physical sports because I more liked playing with my friends. However I think you should tell your daughter that although she might be bigger and stronger than your son, she should not use her "power" in bad ways.

I do know that it was very humiliating when i stood next to him.

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However a few months later he had a spurt and in two years he was a few inches bigger than me.Welcome to Christian Forums, a forum to discuss Christianity in a friendly surrounding.

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younger sister stronger than older brother

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It reads, "Post a summary of the videos you post. An exception can be made for music videos. Unless you are simply sharing music, please post a summary, or the gist, of the video you wish to share. CF Staff, Angels and Ambassadors; ask that you join us in praying for the world in this difficult time, asking our Holy Father to stop the spread of the virus, and for healing of all affected. Son is smaller than his younger sister - help!

Jul 11, 1.

younger sister stronger than older brother (boys)

Last edited: Jul 18, Prayers x 2 List. Jul 11, We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today? Jul 11, 2. Alas, this is a situation that millions of other young people have found themselves in. He is about to leave high school, so the most common--joining the wrestling or cross country teams--probably aren't going to accomplish that, but on the other hand, there are a number of more adult sports that could, such as bowling, golf, sailing, etc.

And these aren't finished the minute high school is over, nor are these activities the pursuits of natural athletes only. Jul 11, 3. Pray first, then pray more. Possibly do not intervene as much as possible let them be. Pray again. Yahweh is totally wise and understanding - lean on His understanding and not your own nor any man's understanding, except for proving it first, via prayer and Scripture This did not catch Yahweh God by surprise He has always known all that is happening.


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